Another Week Winds Up

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Productive week despite constant interruptions. I set Monday aside to take care of every household, personal and related project that needed time and attention. Thought I’d blow through it all and have the afternoon to write.Tuesday morning, I finished the list. Admittedly, phone calls take time and you don’t want to do a lot of other things while concentrating. Also, I always seem to be underestimating how long things take. Dinner on Wednesday ran something like 20 minutes late because slicing and dicing took forever. At least it was tasty.Still, I managed to complete two update projects for Rosen plus put a polish on the Suicide Bombers book. Additionally, I wrote three pieces for Weekly World News and helped brainstorm up some other stuff for them. Also did a little of this and that on some other freelance and continue to wait for numerous things to be approved so I have more to write (and chat about).Networked, applied for jobs, nagged people and the like. Our cars are now both serviced, stuff shipped, e-mails answered, books read and stuff like that. Things are in good shape as Robbie and I head to I-Con and Deb drives to New Jersey to watch Kate and the GWU ballroom dance team compete.Monday, it’ll be into the City for some meetings, which hopefully will lead to interviews and wonderfulness.

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  1. I HATE slicing and dicing. Eliz now makes this wonderful carrot curry soup, and I am astounded how patient she is to peel and chop every last carrot that goes in there (not to mention the other vegetables).

  2. Always late to the party, I’m just catching up with your blog, so allow me to belatedly join the impressive list of well-wishers. You da man. If the world is being slow to recognize that right now, it’s the world’s loss. Really, all the best, and something good will happen soon. I know this; I used to be G-d, once, remember?(Jeez, how well-read are your comments?)I also enjoyed your recap of the recent BOC show. As it happens, Deb and I caught up with them recently at BB Kings, and came away with the same impression as you — maybe not the guitar-slashing days of Kiss / Teenage Lust / Stooges / BOC (did I dream that, or were we there?!?), but they put on a fantastic display of old-school rock’n’roll. Tell Uncle Eric I say hi.Best to Deb and the family, and a (belated) happy 25th!!

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