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What a long, unusual day.Saturday the 8th began at midnight as we celebrated our son turning 18. Eighteen is one of those milestone ages – the beginning of legality. He can register to vote, has to register for the draft, can actually use gym equipment without an adult’s approval.For something like two years, he’s been planning this celebration. He got everything he asked for: he rented out the Community Theatre, where he volunteers, for a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Some three dozen pals attended and were served popcorn, cupcakes and soda – many arrived carrying their own caffeine, hoping to stay awake into the wee hours.The marquee read “Happy Birthday Robbie” and we had everyone crowd the lobby to sing before the showing began. We warned everyone in advance this was a non-participatory screening since I had little desire to clean up rice and toast at 2 in the morning. Also, many hadn’t seen the movie at all and should at least experience it once before interacting with it.Deb left soon after it began and I grabbed a seat away from the kids so they had some semblance of privacy. The movie played and during the “Time Warp”, Robbie led a group in the rear for the dance. Much giggling ensued and then the movie played.By the time everyone left and we got the place in shape, we returned home around 2:45. Deb woke me at 9 so we could give Robbie, who was already awake, his present which was a Nintendo DS system.Deb and I took care of stuff until we left for Long Island. We went to the nursing facility where two of Deb’s oldest aunts resided, and where her mother was up from Florida to check on them. Deb’s brother Jeff was also there, having taken Grandma out for a slightly late birthday lunch. We all visited for a bit, sharing in leftover cupcakes from the night before.We then took Grandma with us and headed for Chinatown. She hadn’t been in Manhattan in ages and Rob thought seeing Chinatown again would be fun. We actually found street parking and then went wandering in and out of shops that remain remarkably alike (so I wonder how any of them stay in business). Around dinner time we let Robbie select a restaurant and he chose wisely. We beat the dinner rush and the food was fresh and tasty.Afterwards, we wandered some more, eventually working our way towards Little Italy for dessert. Grandma suggested Farrara’s which was crowded but the tables turned over quickly so we got seated not too long after arrival. The stuff there is pricey but very well made and incredibly good.(All the while, I kept checking my phone, expecting a call from my proxy during the Federal League’s auction. At 9:45 I finally got a call – it was over, and Drew Friedman, scion of Mike – reported my roster for the 2006 campaign. He got me the hitters and some speed I asked for but none of the starters I wanted which I think will put be in a bind unless my rookies come through.)We dropped Grandma back at the home then returned to our own beds at 11. Long day, fun day, and a happy birthday for the youngest member of the family.

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  1. I don’t know if you or Robbie know this, but Perplexcity is offering all their members two free puzzles on their website. I think there’s a link to it on the main page. Happy birthday Robbie!

  2. I meant to drop you a note to congratulate you on this accomplishment. It frightens me that we have friends with kids this old (and older, thinking of Bob and Laurie, for instance).I also had to laugh, considering I can’t imagine what my own mother would have done had she ever SEEN, much less paid for and attended with me, a showing of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.Anyway, congratulations to you and Deb, and, of course, many happy returns to the younger son.As for your pitching, now, I can’t help you in the Federal League any more…M

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