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In this small world of ours, it’s amazing how things come together. I had cut and pasted the Variety story about Star Trek and posted it to one of the newsgroups I participate with. Jackie Bundy, the moderator and all-around swell gal, dropped me a note thanking me for doing it while she was inundated with e-mail. She then mentioned a reporter from the LA Times was looking to talk to people for reaction, including authors.I dropped the reporter a note, referring her to this site. She called and we spent a good 20-25 minutes talking. She called back and fact-checked a few things with me. The story ran today, and there are some fan reactions, including Jackie’s, and then this from me:Robert Greenberger, Author of 4 “Star Trek” novels, and former editor of “Star Trek” and “Star Trek: Next Generation” comics for D.C. Comics.How did you get into “Star Trek?”I remember coming downstairs late one night and my father was watching TV and I saw people sparkling in and out of existence. One year later I got to stay up late enough to watch with him and I got fascinated. I blame my father.What do you think about JJ Abrams helming the Star Trek 11 film?This morning when I heard the news I thought, “JJ Abrams? “Star Trek” 11? Thank God! Fresh blood who knows how to tell a story!” When I read further that it was another backwards looking story I was disappointed. That’s not what the franchise needs. “Star Trek” is so much bigger than just Kirk and Spock. You feel you are running in circles instead of growing, so there is some concern.Were there any rumors circulating in the fan world about the next film?It was not rumored at all. There are rumors — the actors talk at the conventions and all. Rick Burman was talking about an 11th film, and when they named the guy writing the screenplay, everybody said, “Who?” But this is big and it came totally out of left field.Is it possible for Kirk and Spock to have been in Academy at the same time?Somebody just pinged me with a note about this…. There is a book in print called “Star Trek Chronology,” published by Pocket Books and it says Spock entered Starfleet Academy in the year 2249 and that Kirk was admitted to the academy in 2250…so it is plausible.How would you rate your star trek fandom on a scale of one to ten?Oh boy, I can’t speak Klingon. I’d put myself a notch or two below the top. Although I’ve been a big fan for a long long time.The quotes are essentially accurate but not necessarily the best opinion and information I provided her. But, as they say, they spelled my name right. I’ll also tip my hat to Howard Weinstein for being the one to ping me with the accurate timeline info just when I needed it.

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  1. “they spelled my name right”As opposed to “J. Michael Strasinky”, elsewhere in the article (which was also strange, in that that paragraph consistenly didn’t capitalize “star trek” or “trek” while other paragraphs did).

  2. Still at Ravencon. Last night there was a panel on the future of Trek, and the discussion of that panel obviously changed drastically from what it would have been before. And, amusingly enough, in a little over an hour I’m doing a panel on how Stargate is the new Star Trek…

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