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Normally, I don’t brag a lot about the kids, letting them either do it themselves, or work information into general posts.Today, I’ll make an exception.Kate received word yesterday that she has been selected to receive a 2006-2007 National Security Education Program David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarship. Now, I don’t know who David L. Boren is, but I thank him.This basically means the Federal Government has selected Kate out of who-knows-how-many college students to be one of a select few (only 128 last year) to receive a big chunk of money to use for her study abroad next year in Cairo and more or less guarantee her a job upon graduation. Basically, the Scholarship winners are placed in some government database and during her senior year, various agencies and departments will recruit students from this database. Kate will then be obliged to take a position for a one-year minimum which she is perfectly willing to do.Kate has worked very hard at GWU’s Honors Program, studying Arabic and absorbing a ton of information about the Middle East. Along the way, she has also steadily waitressed and taken to competitive ballroom dancing. This has resulted in two solid years of crushing schedules with insane amounts of collegiate work. Atop it all, she had to apply for this program, write an essay and get recommendations.This pretty much validates her efforts and recognizes her accomplishments as her college career reaches the halfway point. There’ll be a more tangible acknowledgement of this during the NSEP Orientation and Convocation in late May.We could not be more proud of her.

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  1. Many congrats to Katie! Clearly she gets her smarts from her mother. :PMy bride and I will both be at Balticon (though I’m still waiting tl learn what my programming specifics will be), and look forward to seeing you there.

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