The Lightest Agenda

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We may have set a new record for RTM meetings last night.It was a short call, just three items to act on. The first two were appointments to a committee and we skipped last week’s committee meetings so held a combined meeting of the responsible sub-committees to meet the candidates. The third item required a meeting of the Whole to hear about how we’ll spend a Block Grant. Pretty basic.After the committee meetings we held a brief caucus to make sure there were no problems in need of discussion.I will say this, it may be the first RTM meeting I ever attended without a single member of the public in attendance. Of the three reporters who normally cover this, only one showed up. Sure, it was a light, non-controversial call, but it remained democracy in action.The meeting itself zipped from event to event and we were done, I think, by 8:30. And then it was two hours of socialable soda time which was more bi-partisan than usual. We swapped party convention experiences among other topics and it was a really nice way to pass some time.By next month, it’ll be back to work as we start tackling new issues including our portion of new town ordinances to reflect the work of a Blue Ribbon Commission on zoning issues. In fact, we’re forming a committee to draft four ordinances and I have been asked to serve on it as one of the Democratic reps (3 of us, 2 Republicans) so this will be a new experience.

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