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The adjustment to being a fulltime freelancer (while still seeking long-term work) has been interesting. Some days I slog through existing assignments and other days I’m either seeking work or stuff arrives in my lap. Earlier this week, I had a few things turn up that were pleasant surprises such as an invitation to write a second piece for Fairfield Magazine. I’m also embarking on a freelance editing project which could be an interesting experience. Additionally, rarely does a week go by when I don’t get stories from Weekly World News dropped in my lap for quick turn around. Yesterday, for example, I wrote two Breaking News stories plus a slightly longer piece, none of which existed before lunch.On Wednesday, I went into the city to attend a Freelancer’s Bootcamp aimed at how to organize and market yourself. The lead speaker was Allison Hemming from The Hired Guns, who I have had some dealings with. I like Ally and she spoke well, despite laryngitis. The tips and examples were useful and the room was packed with people from all walks of life, from defense contractors to photographers to web designers to marketing folk. If I remain doing the freelancing thing long-term, which it’s beginning to look like, then I need a game plan and this helped.This morning, though, I was playing politician, invited to attend Special Person’s Day at Holland Hill Elementary School. It’s been ages since I attended any elementary event and forgot how energetic, fresh and innocent the proceedings can be. Each grade sang a few songs and in between we had dramatic readings of the Gettysburg Address, “The New Colossus” and the end of “I Have a Dream.” The songs were all the patriotic ones you would imagine along with the hymns from the various armed forces plus pure Americana like “Take me out to the Ballgame.” A particular favorite was Pete Seeger’s “Inch by Inch.” (Of course, I was incorrectly introduced as a member of the Board of Finance, but that’s an innocent error.)Afterwards, the Safety Patrol were leading the honored dignitaries into the APR for refreshments when I was stopped by a familiar face. It was Erika Griffin, Kate’s third grade teacher. Kate and Mrs. Griffin enjoyed one of those magical relationships that year, the kind every parent wishes their kid experiences just once during school. She was thrilled but not surprised to hear how well Kate has turned out. I was pleased to see her again and sang her praises to the principal, but he already knew.This weekend the family is down at Balticon. I’ll be showing movie trailers Monday at 10 and Kate will be singing with the Boogie Knights Sunday evening at 9:30. If you’re there, came say hi.

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