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Wow, the sun finally came out and stayed out for more than a few hours. It allowed me to unclog a gutter, plant some stuff for Deb and clean her office window.It’s been a quiet weekend with some household stuff getting done. Given losing Tuesday to Mystery Trekkie Theatre rehearsal and Wednesday to some family obligations, I put in quite a few catch up hours the last two days. As a result, I no longer feel behind schedule and can approach Monday strong.There’s more follow-up calls and e-mails to handle, tracking down job leads and freelance assignments. There’s the weekly Weekly World news output plus an assignment due Friday that is starting to prove difficult – I’ll explain once it resolves itself.I give Robbie credit. He and a team participated in the annual Relay for Life fund-raiser over at his high school. From 7 p.m. last night through 7 a.m. this morning, he or the others were walking the track, piling up the hours to earn the money donated. He came home exhausted, collapsed into bed and slept until 11:30 and is taking it easy most of today. I’m proud of that commitment to a good cause.Kate cantored at Church all weekend so while waiting for her to return this afternoon, so we could work out, I actually began drafting my story for Actionopolis, something that was on this month’s agenda. Got chapter one done so that’s a good start.We also started watching the Masterpiece Theatre adaptation of Bleak House which is nicely done. It is certainly one of the joys of the DVR, being able to stockpile this stuff and watching it at our leisure. With two hours to go, we have a fairly good idea where it will wind up but it’s well-acted and well-photographed, although the modern day editing is a bit jarring.And look at that, the Mets’ pitchers have come to life. The Cuban defectors – El Duque and Alay Soler – pitched back-to-back complete game wins over the Diamondbacks. It comes when I was beginning to worry about the relief pitching corps as well as at a time when the bats seem hot. I can only hope they stockpile some wins and build their lead. It’s certainly a good time to be a Mets fan.

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