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Since 1999, I have been serving on Fairfield’s Parking Authority, feeling the five-man committee needed at least one active commuter to be represented. Since then, I have worked alongside some very dedicated people, many former commuters. We’ve overseen a round of new leases for the commercial ventures renting space in our buildings and spent over $500,000 in renovating the two main station buildings.There was a lot of good stuff done, especially considering there’s relatively little we can do to ease the parking congestion at the station.Since January, I have not been an active commuter so when opportunity knocked the other week, it was time re-evaluate where I sit.As long-time readers of this space know, I have many bones of contention to pick with Cablevision. These include packages offered, fees charged, channels not carried and lousy customer service.Today I was officially appointed as one of five Fairfielders on the Cable Advisory Board for Area 2. I’m replacing Larry Kaley, who said he was getting tired from his numerous commitments and was looking to cut back, Since Larry and I are both RTM reps from District 8 this is more of handoff than anything else.For Fairfield, this comes at a time when a new committee to control and improve the town’s use of the public access channels is being formed. While serving on the RTM means I can’t serve on the new committee, I’ll be in a position to at least support and aid them.Right now I’m arriving just as the franchise agreement for Cabelvision and its public access third-party provider, Sound View, is up for renewal. At the first hearing on the subject last week, I entered a letter into the record, objecting to Sound View’s involvement and instead preferring the town of Fairfield regain direct access to the three channels set aside for the public, the schools and the local government.This should be either a lot of fun or incredibly frustrating. Stay tuned.

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