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I am returning to the world of full-time employment.On Monday, I will move from freelancer for Weekly World News to being their new Production Manager. I’ll be working for Jeff Rovin, a long-time colleague and friend, who was the first to reach out to me with an offer of work in the days following my departure from DC. He’s been upgrading the paper, adding comics material and getting folks like Joe Kubert, Mike Kaluta and John Byrne to do illustrations.When I arrive to start my new role, which will evolve and be clarified once I settle in, I’ll be working alongside my even older friend, Paul Kupperberg, who got hired away from DC to be their Senior Editor.I will have to stop writing for the newspaper but it’s a fair trade off. I’ll continue to have Matt Daemon by-lines through July and then the feature will change and new hands will chronicle his off-the-wall adventures.I will continue to do freelance writing and editing but obviously being far more judicious in what I accept to do. After all, it’s back to train rides, night and weekends depending on the work. This does mean I will continue to package comics for Platinum Studios (and I’m still seeking artists). Fortunately, I have either completed a large number of outstanding assignments or have comfortable deadlines for the things I am writing.This is all very exciting and came very quickly. Most days I get an e-mail from Jeff suggesting a story idea or showing me an edited version of a previous piece. Just over a week ago, I got one with the job opportunity and things quickly fell into place.I have been gratified and touched by the outpouring of support and friendship from those who spoke up in those dark days at the beginning of the year. I was also pleased to see the amount of work I managed to produce filled my time and pushed me in some new directions. It wasn’t all bad, being in the home office 8-9 hours a day.On the other hand, having the full-time job does settle certain uncertainties when it comes to things like paying the bills and launching Robbie on his college career in the fall.Stay tuned for reports from the new office.

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  1. Wow…I guess I’ll have to become a subscriber. 🙂 Can’t wait to start bragging that I know one of the higher-ups at Weekly World News!Congrats, Bob!

  2. Congratulations, Bob! You made remarkable use of your down time and now there’s a payoff!

  3. Hey, that’s great! Glad to hear the good news. Funny how many comics people are at WWN. A guy who used to freelance for us at IFILM wrote for WWN. And maybe he still does? His name’s Jeff Reid. Nice guy. Good luck. Hope it’s all fun, which it should be.

  4. Hooray, congratulations Bob! The Wiggly must be a great place to work, everyone I’ve known who’s ever worked there only has nice things to say about it.

  5. Congratulations! Great that you’ve landed on your feet–and at a good place! Must be quite a bit of relief!

  6. I’m glad you’ve got yourself sorted out. So I assume you’ll be missing San Diego this year? Or will you be there in your new capacity?best wishes

  7. Great news, my freind… patience has it’s own rewards… I’m sure you had your moments of uncertainty, but we never doubted for a second. All the best from Bob Julie and Rachel…. See you July 7th!

  8. Great news Bob! Is this the paper that tracks the renown Bat Boy? Sounds like a fun job! Please keep in touch!

  9. Congratulations! (I only know you from Worldcon, but heard about the good news from the Burstein collective.)Can we slip you story tips? Does WWN take freelance articles?

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