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The Shore Leave schedule is up and I’ll be both very busy and very tired.For those keeping score:Friday10 p.m. Meet the Pros party. Come bring your books, or buy them from the dealers in residence, and get them signed by one and all.Staurday10 a.m. An hour of chat, movie trailers and stuff. (Valley Room)5 p.m. Star Trek Authors: a stage crowded with authors vying to get the mike away from Peter David or Keith DeCandido (Hunt Room)Sunday10 a.m. Star Trek Novel Chronology: I’ll be mostly sitting off to the side, listening to Jim McCain and Alex Rozensweig explain how they make all the Bantam and Pocket novels fit in a consistent timeline. (I’m there largely because the comics material was first organized by me while editing the comics at DC.) (Salon B)12 p.m. Star Trek: Corps of Engineers: Keith will discuss the series’ relaunch this fall and then Kevin Dilmore, Dayton Ward, Terri Osborne, Bob Jeschonek and I will tell him how it could have been done better, or something like that. (Salon B)TBA: The Bob & Howie Show: the annual schedule filler where Howard Weinstein and I share news tidbits, discuss the current state of Trek, television and baseball among other oddities.5 p.m. The Future of Trek Authors’ Panel: Whoever’s left at this hour will chat about the topic, keeping fans engaged until the con’s finale… (Salon A)6 p.m. Mystery Trekkie Theatre: Peter, Michael Jan Friedman and I skewer yet another beloved episode. (Valley Room)And the kids have their own schedules:KateSaturday, 11 a.m: Boogie Knights performance (Hunt Room)Saturday, Masquerade halftime: Boogie Knights performance (Hunt/Valley Room)RobbieSaturday, Noon: It’s Not Your Parents’s Star Trek, with Ariel David and Ethan Wilson (Salon B)I’ll also be handling emcee duties throughout the weekend so they have me on the run. Also, the late finish means a long and late drove home since most of us have to be at work Monday morning.Hope to see many of you there.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you. As usual there is way too much to choose from to see and do, but that’s a good thing :)Shore Leave here we come.Jackie

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