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Been a busy week for government work and boy, am I ready for the weekend.Monday night we had our monthly Democratic Town Committee Meeting. As usual, the district leaders met for an hour and we debated many of the same items we debated the previous month. After two meetings’ worth of discussion, we essentially punted on the decision between holding our November fund raising dinner and a December holiday party or combining them. Rather than lead, we handed it off to the Fund Raising committee, hoping they can succeed where we dithered.The rest of the meeting had representatives from the key local and state races come visit. All that is, except someone from the DeStefano for Governor campaign. While I prefer DeStefano to Dan Malloy, Malloy clearly has a better operation in place that may prove the difference during the August 8 primary.I also spent time this week on getting our Ordinance Committee organized. I had been misinformed that our organizational meeting could be private but was corrected. We have to publicly notice it complete with Agenda. Thanks to the Town Clerk, I took care of all that and we’ll spend 10 minute formally organizing after our RTM meeting on the 24th, making a potentially late night that much later.Then last night, I attended my first meeting as a member of the Cable Advisory Council. A subcommittee on Government Access issues (dubbed GAT) was meeting and by coincidence the state DPUC issued a ruling yesterday that set tongues wagging, making the debut meeting something to behold.Essentially, a portion of our cable fees are collected and devoted to Public, Education and Government public access channels. In 1998, Cablevision was found deficient in its attention to these channels and subcontracted the business to a firm called Sound View. Sound View took the position that centralized Area 2 programming made the best sense and has crammed the three channels with stuff no one watches (a lot of religious meetings and non-Area 2 specific programming).Refranchising hearings have begun and the general consensus is that Sound View sucks and should be removed from the equation. Meantime, the town of Milford petitioned DPUC to regain control of their G channel so Town Specific programming could run. DPUC’s interim ruling yesterday granted permission but attached a bunch of provisos that showed they didn’t clearly understand the issues at hand.Given the way state laws run, all parties have until the 24th to file responses so everyone from Milford’s Mayor to Cablevision is scrambling to figure out how best to object. Nothing like hitting the ground running…No sooner did I get home then I spent 20 minutes on the phone with the RTM majority leader reviewing the Agenda for the month since we have our Committee meetings next Monday.And tomorrow I’ll be walking part of the district with our State Rep Tom Drew.Who knew local political life could be all consuming?

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