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The countdown to Cairo continues for Kate (and the rest of us).Yesterday she danced in competition for the last time in probably a year. There was a Summer Sizzler in Hackensack, NJ yesterday and we all attended. Mikey, her dance partner, bused up from D.C. Saturday night and at the crack of dawn Sunday, we were rocketing through I-95, making the trip in a crisp 50 minutes, arriving just before 8.They danced quite a bit early on and then there was a loooong break before they were scheduled to compete. The morning session was Silver-level Smooth and in several instances, they were the only competitors. In the one case where they were matched up against 4 couples, they took first which was a thrill.Deb converted the senior prom dress she made Kate into a Smooth dance outfit, using leftover fabric to fashion a matching vest for Mikey. Together, they looked pretty terrific on the floor.In the afternoon session, they tired their hand at Silver-level Latin dancing and didn’t make it to the final round. They had fun, recognized their flaws and realized that with minimal rehearsal over the summer they were still competitive. They’re already scheming how quickly they can get back into competition shape after her return from the Middle East in June.Robbie had never seen Kate dance competitively before and he was pretty fascinated by the whole thing.We watched, cheered, foraged for lunch (you know how hard it is to find a functioning deli in Hackensack on a Sunday?), snapped pictures and generally had a fine day. It was a long one, too. We returned home after 5 and after a break, set about to barbecue up some fine food.After dinner and dessert, we sacked out on the couch to watch My Favorite Year (one of my favorite films and one Kate and Mikey had never seen). Mikey fell asleep at one point, no surprise, but at least Kate enjoyed it.With competition done and both economics and summer camp counseling drawing to a close, all thoughts turn to packing, organizing, and making certain nothing is left unattended to.

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  1. OMG! Katie hadn’t seen this? It’s a modern classic…. Did she know it’s based on Mel Brooks real life experiences on Sid Ceasars “Your Show of Shows”? In real life, Mel was assigned to watch Errol Flynn…. As a sidebar, I also hear it’s been adapted into a musical for the theater.It’s supposed to be pretty good too.If she likes Peter O’Toole, show her the “Stunt Man”… probably his best film since Lawrence of Arabia.bobCongrats to Kate and Mikey on the dancing competition…. anytime anyone dances like this I keep seeing “Strictly Ballroom” popping into my head.

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