Our Committee is up and Running

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I expected to learn a lot while being a part of the RTM’s sub committee on ordinances but last night’s meeting was an eye opener.First, I think our leaders picked wisely with the five of us. There’s Harry, the former fire fighter and lifelong resident of the area. There’s Bob the realtor who has hi sear to the ground of what’s currently going on in town. We have Paul, the probing lawyer. There’s Julie, the firebrand homemaker, who is out to preserve the town’s character. And then there’s me, the organizer, interested in keeping things on track and fulfilling our charge as written.Our first formal meeting was a 2-hour affair that touched on 4 of the 5 topics the Blue Ribbon Task Force charged us with. The discussion was intelligent and spirited, with several taking the Devil’s Advocate position at every turn. Should we do this then what about that? If we enact these new laws, would that hem in current and/or homeowners? Are all of these really necessary?Along the way, Harry told some good stories about the history of certain sections of town or specific buildings. I think I’ve been here the least amount of time and as a result, nodded a lot, desperately trying to recall the geography as it got discussed. This will be an education in more ways than one.One thing we recognized was the need for a little more guidance so today, I set up out next three meetings, drafted minutes from last night’s session and began inviting town officials to join us in two weeks. I’ve also done the due diligence to notify the Town Clerk so the meetings are properly noticed. I’m not expecting much in the way of turnout at the sub committee meetings but once people hear we may ask for land use fees or restrict the size of their driveways, well, we may finally get some public comment.While there were moments I felt a wee bit in over my head, I am still looking forward to the entire process.

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