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With each passing day it seems we’re ticking things off an invisible checklist, preparing to send our daughter off to a foreign land.Last night it was new sneakers, today it was a surge protector and her visa. I headed uptown to the Egyptian consulate to have her passport processed, saving her hours at the airport upon her arrival. Turns out, because I delivered it, they would not mail it so I had to trudge back up in the heat between 1:30 and 2.I have to say, the consulate offices were not very impressive. Very industrial and commercial in look and feel. Upon arrival, I was directed towards a Visa window and a gent was his cell phone and cursorily looked at the paperwork after demanding the fee first. He told me to come back at 1:30. When I returned at 1:40, he was on his landline arguing with someone and as I waited, someone came from a back room with a stack of passports, including Kate’s. All in all it was a relatively painless process.Kate is winding up various crafts projects, focusing on assessing her wardrobe and fretting over the two bag, 50 pound each, limit she has. She and Deb have already arranged for a joint bank account and a joint Amex card so we can make sure she has access to cash while far from home.She still has some paperwork to sift through, her room to clean and other odds and ends but that will all come down to the final week after her economics class ends.Meantime, we’ve been working with Robbie to make sure he has his stuff together. He happily has his bank account, TM card and even a credit card squared away. He too needs sneakers and also towels so that’s on this week’s agenda. It’s getting to feel like out time, money and resources are devoted this month to making sure both kids are ready.Little surprise, then, that we’re both kind of looking forward to the day after Labor Day and the beginning of our own new chapter of life – as empty nesters.

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  1. I was in Cairo and the rest of Egypt for 12 days last year. What a great trip! If you are into history and antiquties this trip is outstanding. Food and water was a bit of an issue, but your daughter shoudld have a great time. Make sure she goes to Abu Simbel, Karnak, Philie, Sakkara, and the museum.

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