The One Day Family Vacation

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Busy, tiring but ultimately good weekend.On Saturday, we were on Long Island celebrating the engagement of Chuck Rozakis, son of the famous Bob Rozakis, to the delightful Rebecca Gillespie. They’ve actually been engaged a while now but this was the official celebration.It was also a mini-DC alumni reunion as I got to play catch up with former editor Janice Race, her husband former proofreader Gary, ex-production whiz Rick Taylor and former editor and officemate Alan Gold. That was certainly fun and it’s good to see everyone not only thriving but hale and hearty as well.As is usual at Chez Rozakis, the food was plentiful and the company eclectic. Seeing Bob’s brother Richie was nice since we only get together at Thanksgiving. This year is the exception – engagement party, wedding then Thanksgiving. We were also introduced to the Gillespie parents, who proved to be wonderful people and a great addition to the Rozakis clan. Interestingly, both parents had heard of the “Greenies” and apparently Rebecca looks upon us as extended family, which is definitely neat.Sunday, though, was the eagerly awaited family vacation. Normally, we take a week or so every summer and go somewhere and indulge each member of the family in some activity. Given four work schedules, Kate’s economics class and August 21 departure date, and hoarding our vacation time for the winter trip to Cairo, everything got compacted into one day. Or so, Kate proclaimed when we scheduled our trip to the New York Renaissance Faire.So, we all had the mindset that Sunday was our vacation. As a result, it was decided to start the day with a rare treat: breakfast at IHOP. Not that IHOP is necessarily the best place on earth for breakfast, but it seemed to fit the bill.Our trip to the faire was swift and uneventful, arriving just in time for the gates to open. Robbie arrived in full regalia: kilt, loose white shirt, leather boots, carryall pouch, flagon and knife. Kate chose to leave her costume in the closet. Deb and I have been coming to Faire, every few years, since she was pregnant with Katie and it was nice to return.The sun was out, it wasn’t too hot and there was plenty to do and see. Being fans of the music, we made it a point to attend two of the three performances by the Crimson Pirates which did not disappoint. As we arrived early for the second set, we caught the tail end of a new-to-us group that clearly had their following and we could see why. Three Pints Shy are four very talented singers who harmonize quite well.We didn’t see as many performers or comedy acts as I had expected but the silent comedy stylings of Danny Lord was a silly, bawdy 45 minutes. He made frequent, clever use of the audience including my Mets hat (but not me).The highlight was the final thirty minutes: the pub sing as all the show’s performers took to the stage and were individually spotlighted as well as sang together. It was more performance than the sing-along we experienced last summer in Maryland but it was also tightly coordinated and a heck of a lot of fun. They were clearly enjoying themselves as well as cracking one another up from time to time. Musically, with four guitars, three bodhrans, and assorted other percussion devices, it was a treat. We left quite satisfied and happy.Which turned out to be a good thing as the trip home was elongated thanks to an accident on the Tappan Zee Bridge, which had us crawling for miles. By the time we got home, all thoughts of dinner were gone, replaced with a return to reality.Still and all, as one-day family vacations go, this was pretty terrific.Kate wound up finding herself a lovely ring while Deb bought a leather pouch for some use or another. Robbie felt he completed his outfit with a Scottish hat and was most pleased.

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  1. Bob -I don’t know if you remember me from various I-Cons, but geez Louise — give a shout next time you’re planning on going to NYRF. Although I live in Pennsylvania now, I get back up ‘home’ several times each season and would love to say hi!Leah

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