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Star Trek: Constellations, the 40th anniversary anthology, has already gone back for a rush second printing prior to the first printing hitting the shelves. Essentially, that means Pocket received a higher than anticipated number of orders from retailers and exhausted the print run. The second printing should be following on the heels of the first printing so those intrigued to see what we all came up with should be able to find a copy without any trouble.Webslinger, BenBella’s essay collection celebrating — who else? — Spider-Man, has gained a guest editor. Gerry Conway, the man to inherit the title when Stan Lee stopped writing the monthly, has agreed to write not only the introduction but pen short intros to each essay. The book will be out in March and it’s nice to have Gerry once more associated with comics material. One of the most prolific writers of the 1970s and 1980s, Gerry had some terrific runs on titles for DC and Marvel before moving into television where has worked on series from Father Dowling to the Law & Order franchise.

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