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Star Trek: Constellations is now in bookstores from coast to coast and the early comments have been encouraging. Hopefully, people will enjoy the experience. I read the entire book a week back and am pleased to be in such good company.Following a growing trend among Trek authors, an annotations page has been compiled by Allyn Gibson, who wrote the most moving story in the collection. Most but not all of the writers have contributed to this including yours truly so, once you’ve finished the book, check it out.For those who’ve read “The Landing Party”, I’d love to hear what you think.

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  1. Mr. Greenberger:Just finished your story, Landing Party, in the new Constellations anthology.I LOVED IT!I liked the idea of learning how Sulu changed to the command track. One tidbit I was interested to learn was the relationship between Sulu and Rand.Your attention to detail was great. Keep up the good work. Continue going boldly where only Star Trek authors can go.Live Long and Prosper,PaulPSI hope this son is enjoying his new college experience.

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