Where is the Outrage?

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The headlines are filled with reports of the Administration’s gaffes and arrogance since taking office. It seems as if every week or two a new book comes out or a report is leaked that shows how our President, Vice President and Secretary of Defense refuse to face reality. Instead, they tighten their blinders and shout a little louder that their peers are “naive” or those who question them are being unpatriotic.However, American soldiers are mired in a mess in Iraq that seems to be continuing without a strategy. Detainees since September 2001 remain imprisoned with no clue when they might learn the charges against them. Laws are retroactively being written to allow the unlawful actions of the current Administration to escape prosecution.But the real problems facing America, and the world, remain unaddressed.We should be leading the charge into Darfur, not Iraq.We should drag North Korea to the bargaining table rather than whimper beneath their grandstanding.We should be seeking alternate energy resources and better medical coverage.We should be paying a fair minimum wage.And so on.As long as the current administration shouts out without any real challengers, they will prevail.The Republicans are very good at crafting a message and sticking with it. It’s won them election after election, hasn’t it? The Democrats, though, by their very nature, seem incapable of closing ranks and issuing their own coherent vision of where they will take the country.What can we, the voters stuck in the middle, do? We can, and should, be asking where the outrage is. Where are the critics of the Administration and its failed programs and policies? There should be a chorus questioning the majority leadership, their voices rising to match that of the current leadership.I wrote my Senator yesterday, asking that very question. It took a few minutes and I felt better. Everyone should do the same, especially in the weeks prior to the election. We can no longer remain quiet.

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  1. When one party controls all three branches of government, and so many bad things happen that are clearly the fault of members of that party, it’s hard to maintain that level of outrage for so long a period of time.My hope is that the voters will turn Congress over in November. And that Diebold voting machines — indeed, any voting machine that can’t be completely trusted — will be outlawed.

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