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I realize I haven’t spoken much about my work here at Weekly World News and part of the reason was that I had been waiting for today.Ever since Jeff Rovin hired me, he had a vision for growing the paper, improving the website and getting to branch out beyond just the weekly issue. We’ve been working at all these goals and over the summer, the paper has gotten a little sharper, a little broader in the subject matter being covered. In addition to the usual coverage, our paper now boasts four weekly comic strips in addition to Sergio Aragones’s Weird Picture Search. Every now and then we bring in talent we admire to help illustrate specific stories. Just yesterday, Paul Kupperberg snagged veteran Sam Glanzman to help us with one forthcoming story.Our website, to be polite, was not terribly good and Jeff brought in a talent guy named Mike Simses to overhaul it. The new site went live this afternoon and I urge everyone to thoroughly check it out. There will be new stories and new videos every week so it’ll be worth bookmarking and checking back. Let me know what you think.Paul is waiting to seal several deals but the WWN, long simmering, is about to explode and should be cool.There are some other things cooking and we can talk about that when it all happens. But right now, I got here at a good time and I’m having fun helping make things happen.

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  1. I just checked out the new site and really, really, really loved the two videos on the homepage. Are you guys going to keep those exclusively (as much as possible) on the WWN site? You should have somebody upload them to IFILM.Glad you’re having a good time at the new job.

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