Ah, the Weekend

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We go to work for five days, often dreaming and counting down to the weekend. Sometimes it’s for social reasons; sometimes you just have stuff to do. We love seeing our friends and family don’t get me wrong, but there are times we can just feel pushed to the limit. And sometimes you’re on the go so often you yearn for a quiet weekend.This was our first quiet weekend at home in something like five weeks and the only one for the next four. We took advantage of this oasis and scheduled nothing. Which is to say, we didn’t do nothing but we did it at our pace, ensuring we didn’t stress ourselves. Getting home late after the Mets game on Friday meant we would be tired and catching up on rest throughout the weekend, but that turned out to be fine.Errands got done and pleasantly, got done together. You know it’s a quiet weekend when the big thrill was buying a new crock-pot and a new fall jacket for me. I got my deskwork done, bills paid, e-mails sorted and cleaned up. Cleared away other debris in the home office and even did some serious work on my next big project, more about which another time.We indulged a bit in our dinners and even caught up on some prime time we had stored on the good ol’ DVR. Magazines and newspapers got read, some home repairs got done – all in all just what we needed.Now we can start looking forward to the next oasis, a month away.

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