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I’ve always taken the position that age is but a number and how you feel – emotionally and physically – determines your real place in the grand scheme of things. The one allowance I used to make was when I turned 50, figuring the half-century milestone might be something momentous. Now that the days toward that anniversary tick off with seeming speed, it no longer looms like some heavy burden.The same can be said with my wedding anniversary. Twenty-six years ago today, Deb and I got married. Last year, reaching the Silver Anniversary mark, we bowed to convention and celebrated the event. Readers here may recall we went away for a brief mid-week break followed by the kids throwing us a surprise party. When it came time to determine plans for this year, Deb shared my opinion that 26 is a mere number and didn’t merit anything over-the-top.Still, we’re not ignoring the day by any means. We’ve hidden cards for the other to find during the course of our normal routines and tonight we’ll go out to dinner, sampling a new Indian restaurant in Fairfield. Afterwards, we expect to just snuggle on the couch, hoping the Mets’ bats wake up and force a game 7.I will continue to marvel how Deb puts up with me, my strong opinions and slightly OCD ways. I delight in spending time with her, even if it’s just side-by-side on the daily commute. Even mundane chores and errands are improved when we’re together. There’s always something to talk about and if we lapse into silence, it’s a comfortable one. We’re certainly attuned to each other’s attitudes and moods, picking the other one up when needed. And we share pride in the accomplishments of our children, our careers and our lives together. This way, we’re ready to stand by one another through the times promised in the traditional vows. So far, we’ve endured sickness and health, etc., etc. and can certainly delay that “death do us part” phrase.We’re looking forward to the future together, planning trips, home improvements and projects that will continue keeping us together.And I wouldn’t have it any other way. So, here’s to us!

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  1. Every time I’ve been asked by a freind or relative why my wife of 20 years and I are still together, I quote Heinlein…. “Budget the luxuries first”, “Don’t go to bed angry”, and “If in an argument, you discover you are right, apologise at once!”I’m sure your road to happiness has been a , shall we say, “convoluted” one. But it is a road to happiness, one we can all take a lesson from. May it continue to be a long and loving journey.

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