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It’s been busy but relatively quiet times around here. A recap of the week looks something like this:Deb left for a week in Florida with her parents. The trip began inauspiciously as we took her to the wrong airport. Fortunately, we got her to the right one in time for the flight.Being the only human rambling around the house has proven a larger adjustment than the two of us adjusting to no kids in the house. Fortunately, I’ve been kept busy so really don’t notice it except at day’s end. One of those activities was the beginning of my third year of visiting the gym. My level of interest in working out is usually matched by how alert or tired I am and Wednesday’s workout was a good one. Last night I had my semi-annual visit with the doctor and got an excellent bill of health so I must be doing something right.Tomorrow will be jam-packed with errands and writing and Sunday is all writing so again, hope not to notice it too much.Speaking of the writing, it’s moving along at a reasonable clip and hope to first draft a huge portion over the weekend. On the other hand, an editor just rejected pitches to a media tie-in anthology so there goes another fun opportunity.One of my many errands is to hand off a suitcase full of stuff (mostly yarn it seems) for the parents of one of Kate’s friends to bring to Cairo later this month. It’s 90% done with the last bits bought and stuffed tomorrow. Her requests have gone from the practical (linens) to the sentimental (leaves to remind her of fall).She’s doing great over in Cairo. For those not following her adventures at CairoKate, she’s having an amazing set of experiences. The capper so far has been being cast as Adelaide in the school’s production of Guys & Dolls, the first musical at American University in Cairo in six years. A shame she had to leave the country to finally land a lead, and worse, she’ll perform in May and we’ll miss it.As for son, he’s having a terrific first semester at college. He’s found a nice circle of friends, joined a karate club to stay active and landed himself a girl friend. He seems to be finding a balance between work and play and has recognized when he needs help and has sought it out. I’m not sure we can ask for a better experience for him.At Weekly World News there have been some administrative adjustments that brings a little more work my way, which is just fine. I’ve just completed conducting a reader survey among college students and continue to streamline the working relationship between the print and on line versions. All in all, things are working out well here and the sales remain steady.As weeks go, it has not been a bad one, not at all.

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  1. Hi Bob,Ahrens update…Rachel’s doing great at CCBC here in MD. She’s still carrying a 3.5 GPA while joining the Student Government at the college and trying out for every musical she can. While she has boy interest as well, they seem to change week to week, although I’m sure if John Mayer suddenly became available, she’d drop ’em all. Even though she lives at home still, she seldom appears for family events like meals and the like.Julie and I are appearing in “The Man of La Mancha” weekends thru Christmas, so were keeping busy as well. Of course we’ll be looking forward to seeing you in February….

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