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One of the pleasures of writing for Star Trek is the wide variety of franchises, all stemming from the original core concept. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses and I’ve dabbled in all of them save Enterprise. One of the most enjoyable have been my visits to the crew of the da Vinci in the Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers eBook series.One of the reasons I enjoy them so is that they grow and change over time. Each monthly installment allowed the various writers to explore interesting problems while spotlighting the evolving status quo among the crew. It is the series most closely resembling a modern day television series with its ensemble cast and continuing character storylines.My second story, “Buying Time”, has just been published in book form under the title Star Trek: Corps of Engineers – Aftermath. The trade edition collects SCE episodes 29-36 so I get to share space with pals like Aaron Rosenberg and the team of Andy Mangels & Michael Martin. The book is massive, 640 pages, but at the affordable price of $15.My third visit, “Troubleshooting” is scheduled for online debut next month. Pocket Books decided to revamp how the eFiction line was going to work — they stopped Star Trek: SCE after episode 66. The line is now split between six Corps of Engineers releases a year along with six of some other project. The Corps of Engineers stories remain focused on the da Vinci and its crew but they won’t be numbered. (The other slots are currently being filled with the entertaining Mere Anarchy serial, celebrating Star Trek’s 40th anniversary.)If you have ever wanted to try an eBook, now is a terrific time. Pocket Books just launched a sale through the end of the year with deep discounts to all the eBooks. And if you remain disinterested in the format, then Aftermath is for you. Trust me, it’ll look really spiffy covered in wrapping paper and placed under a tree.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed the SCE stories, in paperback. Doing aftermath as a trade seems a little over use of the media – I’d rather see it simply as a mass media paperback. All of the Star Trek tades of first run stories have been fantastic, though, with the exception of the 40th anniversary original series trade – I didn’t care for that one. Still, one poor book out of all the ones they’ve done so far is a small price to pay. I’ll be sure to pick up Aftermath, and i’m certain i’ll enjoy it.

  2. I have to admit to some misgivings on the choice of format for the hardcopy edition myself.Now if we were to throw in a few extra goodies, say, deck plans for the USS Da Vinci(for one example)?The stories are certainly good enough as they are.

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