Flesh & Blood: Day 22

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Today marks the beginning of week four in my quest to write a quality Predator novel without losing my mind or neglecting any other obligations.I will sit at the computer some time later today and will continue work on chapter fifteen. As I start the session, I will have already completed 46,000 words (give or take a few hundred).It has been a long, long time since I’ve had this kind of deadline and I can’t recall the last sustained period of intense writing. Since beginning the actual prose part 21 days ago, I have written every single day without fail. Some days it has been a mere 1000 words or so while other days have been 5000 blockbusters. But I am writing steadily and can anticipate completing my draft over Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll then take a day or two to rest, then review the manuscript and tweak it before turning it over to my collaborator, Mike Friedman with the words, “Now it’s your headache.”I write best when I have a good solid roadmap. As I have said before, my problem tends to be the middle of the book and sure enough, chapter 11 is the middle and I suspect it’s the most muddled chapter that will need some reworking. There are stretches where I am very happy with how I depict a scene or make the characters work. Other times I know I am struggling and get past it knowing there will not only be time for me to rework it but have Mike to lean on for help.What has surprised me the most so far, is that I am doing some things structurally with the book that I have not done before nor was suggested by the outline but feel makes for better storytelling.Are there enough blood and guts and imaginative dismemberment to satisfy the long-time Predator fans? Is this a strong enough follow-up entry to DH Books’ line? Damned if I know.

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