And How was Your Weekend?

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It never just rains on a freelancer. It is either dry or it’s pouring.The last few days, many existing projects suddenly reared up and demanded attention. The timing could be better but rarely is.As you know, I’m working hard to complete the first draft of Predator: Flesh & Blood. Beginning this morning, I am at 52,000+ words and remain on a pace to complete the first draft by next weekend.On Thursday, I came home to find galleys to Troubleshooting, my Star Trek: Corps of Engineers novella awaiting me. Keith DeCandido tells me they’re due back by next Friday.On Friday, Leah Wilson, my benevolent editor at BenBella, gets back to me about my essay for their forthcoming Grey’s Anatomy book. She says many complimentary things about it but concludes that it needs another draft, a light polish. No deadline provided but no doubt it’ll be soon.Also on Friday, my editor on an as-yet unannounced project, finally got back to me about my outline. She asked some good questions, made some fine suggestions and then asked if I could rework the outline this weekend. I asked for a delay until after Flesh & Blood was done. No answer so I took it as a yes otherwise my brain would explode.On Saturday, I received the galleys to “Things That Aren’t”, my story for Analog that I co-wrote with Michael A. Burstein. They want the notes back on the 28th, which is at least after the Thanksgiving weekend.Deb happily notes that much of the above all started when I was out of work and desperate to fill my plate and it’s nice to see all the activity. I concur, but I do wish things had been evenly space a bit better.After all, not only do I have all of this writing, but I will lose a day (happily) to Thanksgiving, I have my government commitments still dragging on and Robbie will be home for five days so I’d like some time with him, too. Trust me; the above is much better than the alternative.

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  1. “It never just rains on a freelancer. It is either dry or it’s pouring.” Tell us about it! At this point I’m hoping Rob is free for some of the upcoming holidays, but this weekend is a total hunker-down for him.

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