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All sorts of progress has been made since Sunday morning, for which I have to give thanks. After all, this is the time of year where we all should be stopping and taking a moment to look back and make certain we acknowledge the good things that have happened over the last 12 months.Predator: Flesh & Blood is nearing the first draft finish line. I cracked 61,000 words yesterday so if nothing else, it proves I can complete a Na-No-Re-Mo project (much to Kate’s consternation). Actually, I was very pleased by yesterday’s session and it may be among the best parts of the book written to date.One of the things I’ve fit in over the last few days were two brief interviews with friends who deserve a little exposure. I was IMing with my pal, Jen Contino, keeper of The Pulse, and was lamenting how DC and Marvel had several cool novels out that no one knew about. One of my pet peeves is that the companies sell novel rights but then neither the company nor the book publishers do much promotion to the core fan base that would most enjoy them. As a result, David Mack’s Wolverine novel or Denny O’Neil’s DC Universe novel featuring The Question (with appearances by Richard Dragon, Lady Shiva and Batman) sit on the shelves undiscovered. To remedy that, I chatted with Dave about his book and that just got posted on the site. An interview with Greg Cox on adapting Infinite Crisis into prose will be available by Monday.I did, also, manage to turn around my Corps of Engineers galleys over the weekend and got deadlines on some of the other tasks I complained about that fall after my self-imposed Thanksgiving weekend deadline on the novel. It allows me to breathe a bit.This also meant I could attend the annual SFWA Holiday Reception, nicknamed the Mill & Swill. I had a pre-Swill dinner with Peter & Kathleen David and Greg Cox and then we hit the Society of Illustrators for the reception. As usual, I saw many old colleagues, and met several new ones. The reception is for members, agents, editors and the like so it’s a huge party that also doubles as a great networking opportunity. I met my editor on the unnamed project and in turn introduced David Mack to people at DelRey who had only read his proposed work for them. I did meet some new editors and renewed acquaintances with others. Best, I had a nice chat with Mike Mignola, who I have not seen in years so it was great to catch up.The short work week had the potential to cause havoc in closing a weekly newspaper early but we managed to pull everything together and are closing by our noon deadline today. Next week’s issue of Weekly World News is also running in good shape so we’re passing the first hurdle of the holiday season without a problem.I can safely say there is much to be thankful for. Hope the same is true for one and all.

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