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Two weeks ago, I was feeling incredible pressure to get things done. Slowly but surely, things have been progressing and I’m hitting my deadlines, both real and self-imposed.As I catch my breath before wading into the Holiday preparations, I figured it was time to provide an update. It’s a busy looking load but actually manageable given what is due and when:Completed and Awaiting PublicationCutting Edge Careers: Artificial Intelligence (Rosen)”Things that Aren’t”, Analog Magazine, February 2007In the News: Suicide Bombers (Rosen)“Troubleshooting”, Star Trek: Corps of Engineers (Pocket eBook)Delivered to Editor and Awaiting Edits or Proofs14 essays in You Said What? (William Morrow), saw edited ms., awaiting galleys“Ghost Hunting” in untitled Phantom anthology (Moonstone Books); King Features approved, awaiting copy edited ms.“Steel and Chrome” in untitled BattleTech anthology; editor indicates project back on line, may see a contract and editorial notes soonEssay for untitled Wonder Woman collection (BenBella Books); awaiting copy edited ms.Essay for Webslinger – Spider-Man collection – copy edited ms. back to editorMedia tie-in comic book – script in, awaiting approval before announcing“Winter in Fairfield”, Fairfield MagazineWriting Projects“Only the Best for Cristina Yang” — essay for BenBella Grey’s Anatomy collection – revised draft submitted to BenBella, awaiting feedback”Things That Aren’t”-sequel — Michael A. Burstein has begun putting together plot notesActionopolis novel – currently being writtenPredator: Flesh and Blood – first draft completed, second draft underwayStar Trek: The Next Generation: Slings and Arrows Book Five – outline now with Paramount for approval, ms. due July 1.Back Issue: Round table discussion about Star Trek comic books via e-mail; first draft done.Media tie-in novel – first pitch nixed, researching to try againMedia tie-in book – Publisher investigating licenseMedia tie-in book 2 – Revised outline being submitted December 4, awaiting approval before discussingOriginal novel – revising proposalNon-Fiction book collaboration – prepping outline and sample chapterEditing Projects With the addition of Jim McLaughlin as Platinum Studios’ new editor-in-chief, my services are no longer required. This makes total sense, to be honest. Jim has taken a hard look at their active projects and felt they could all be handled in house so I’m being paid for my time and I’m wishing my old pal good luck.

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