Improved Spirits

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Maybe it’s the season.Maybe it’s because it is no longer November.Whatever the reason, I’m feeling pretty good right about now. I put so much pressure on myself to get things done in November that December is exactly as I had hoped: manageably busy.With the first draft Predator novel done, I have been able to concentrate on other things one at a time. And my projects are politely waiting their turn in line. As the first draft was completed, I had time to proof the Analog short story followed by the Grey’s Anatomy essay rewrite followed by a thoroughly revised outline for a project I really hope to be able to discuss soon followed by receiving galleys to my Webslinger essay. (Actually, they sent me a PDF of the whole book so I’m enjoying reading what my pals and others have to say about Spidey and can heartily recommend this to one and all.)And, after some technical delays, my interview with Greg Cox about writing the novelization to Infinite Crisis just got put up at The Pulse.In the government realm, we had a very productive District Leaders meeting at the Democratic Town Committee last night. With the town voting to shift several terms from two to four years, it changes how we need to expend funds, which might give us a chance to do some things we need like open a permanent headquarters. We also had some treats at the meeting to celebrate the season. Tonight, my RTM district will meet with the public (hope someone other than Deb attends)At home, Deb has finished her final and final project for her Java class and is nearing completion on yet another knitting project so her mood is equally improving. We’re almost done prepping the Christmas cards for mailing, the gift shopping is like 90% complete and all the shipping has been done. The tree has been bought, some of the decorations have gone up and we’re not stressing ourselves over the schedule or details.All of the above has certainly contributed to a lightened spirit and improved outlook on life.

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