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It’s a working week so the holiday spirit has moved to the back burner for the moment. We closed another issue early without incident which instills me with some confidence. I’m also working ahead in planning issues well into February so my absence will be minimized when I take a vacation in January.Deb’s parents left Tuesday so even things at home have been quiet.I did, though, get back on track with plotting out the sequel to “Things that Aren’t”, the short story Michael A. Burstein and I sold to Analog. Both of us have been busy so we kept making noises about it but neither really did much. Michael and his wife Nomi came to New York for the week and we had a wonderful lunch on Tuesday. He brought up a comic project he wanted to pitch but just had the characters he wanted to use, no story. By the time I got a second helping from the Indian buffet, a story presented itself and it got him very excited. Since we were clicking and on a roll, we got back to the sequel and were thrilled to see pieces fall into place. I returned to the office and quickly jotted some notes. In January, we’ll actually get to work on this which will be cool.Beyond that, we’re enjoying having Robbie at home and await word from Kate about her adventures in Israel. We’re even almost caught up with Dr. Who’s second season which has been very entertaining, even if a bit uneven. Odd how little the Doctor was actually a participant in the tenth and eleventh episodes yet both remained engaging.Since answering my sole question a few days back, two others have arrived so in the interest of fairness, I’ll answer them.gah…I have a question. Just what exactly does “RTM” stand for? I’ve always wondered.Representative Town Meeting, this is essentially the legislative body. Fairfield follows the New England style of government with a Board of Selectmen acting as the Executive Branch; a Board of Finance and the RTM, all providing checks and balances usually involving how the town chooses to spend its residents’ money.Didn’t realize you had thrown the floor open to questions…but I’ll see you at Farpoint anyhow. But in the meanwhile, what do you know about the various Prisoner remakes on the table? Anything feel more solid than any other?I know what I hear and basically there are two remakes on the table. Oddly, the rights were spliced and diced in such a way that competing video productions could occur simultaneously. The first is a movie currently based at Universal Pictures with Christopher Nolan scheduled to direct. This has been kicking around for a while with no script, no cast and no schedule. Nolan is about to helm The Dark Knight so this may follow. Interestingly, rather than his brother penning the script, the assignment is in the hands of Janet and David Peoples.More recently, AMC has partnered with Sky One and Granada to produce a 6-8 episode miniseries which is being called Number Six and is described as a “reimagining” of the original. This is the one Dr. Who and Heroes’ Christopher Eccleston was supposedly attached to but those appear to be just rumors. Bill Gallagher is the sole writer named for this project.Currently slated to air in January 2008, the miniseries will clearly come out prior to the movie and the former’s success may dictate the latter’s likelihood of survival. AMC will also rebroadcast the original 17 episode series. Let the comparisons and complaining begin then.

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