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After a little more than a week of playing with spec work, it’s been back to the paying work and it’s been an intense week or so.First of all, I have been asked to write a different Fairfield-based column since Fairfield News Online more or less ceased operation. I gather they’re regrouping but haven’t heard anything but someone else asked me to participate in a new venture, debuting in mid-March and since they were offering cash not fame, I accepted. As a result, I’ve been writing the first four columns, which will appear weekly, getting my bearings, and establishing a tone.Secondly, work has begun on the next issue of Who’s Who, as I work slightly ahead for a number of reasons, the least of which has to do with the recent executive changes at DC. This way, I’m building a cushion to give them plenty of breathing room as assignments are juggled and people come up to speed. Details to follow.I’ve also begun work on the second artist retrospective for Dynamic Forces. Obviously, this takes time to do research and since January I’ve spoken with the subject for about four hours . Once I receive the final transcription I can begin the serious writing, but the researching continues along with collection anecdotes and testimonials from peers.Similarly, I’ve begun work a new article for a future issue of Back Issue, something I haven’t done in a year and it’ll be fun. So far, three of the four interview subjects have agreed to reminisce with me.I just polished off my two March columns for Westfield Comics, recommending Showcase Presents Suicide Squad and Thor: Warriors Three.It also appears I have successfully pitched an essay for a forthcoming anthology — details when it becomes a reality.I do need to circle back to the spec collaboration. After we did the world building, we reworked the outline to reflect the changes and flesh out our protagonists. My partner then eagerly leapt at his sample chapter while I have yet to begin writing, although scenes are conjuring themselves up in my mind. Once I clear the decks and actually begin writing, it should flow nicely. Unless I read my partner’s chapter and want to hide in a closet for fear of disappointing him.

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  1. You’ve known Walter Koenig for over thirty years. Your own tragic experiences must give you some insight into what’s happened. How can you not have something to say?

    1. Well, yes, I can comprehend the loss of a child but their ages and their circumstances are so vastly different that there’s much I can’t know. Haven’t talked to Walter in ages, but I mostly certainly grieve with him.

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