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I was shown the final cover to August’s The Essential Superman Encyclopedia a few weeks back and immediately went, “Wow”. I wanted to share it with everyone but was asked to hold off until today.I’ve been patient but now can proudly show it off. Nice Gary Frank art and a bold design so it’ll attract attention at your local bookstore.

9 thoughts on “The Cover Revealed

  1. Looks great!I see Gary Frank took a more, I don’t know, traditional approach to Superman’s face here. In his Action Comics run, and again in Secret Origin, he’s clearly been basing his rendition of the character on Christopher Reeve.

  2. Sometimes I think the artists are being steering too closely to Mr. Reeve, for all the good he did the Franchise by his involvement. Yes, that probably reads and sounds almost blasphemous, but we do remember the performances of his predecessors and successors as well.

  3. Heyo, Bob’s Superman encyclopedia editor here. The cover art’s actually by the incredibly talented Ryan Sook, but there will be LOTS of great Gary Frank art inside, along with a few other surprises. Bob’s done a fantastic job on the book, and as an editor I could not ask for a better writer to work with.In short, the book’s going to be AMAZING.

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