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OK, you’ve seen plenty of the Superman cover and I appreciate the comments this has garnered both here and at Facebook.This has been a pretty good week overall with lots of details to follow in the coming week but suffice to say all has been good.On Tuesday, I had a really good call with Dan DiDio and Bob Harras, as Bob steps up to edit the Who’s Who project. Bob joined DC back when I was still in Collected Editions and he was a good team leader and we got on fine – of course it helped that I’ve known him since he was an assistant editor at Marvel and we’ve both come a long way. Bob is genuinely enthusiastic over the project and he’s coming up to speed quickly while I keep pounding away on entries. It now looks like the series will debut in July, not May as previously mentioned. And no, I have no control over the art assignments. Yes, I will consult and lobby in some cases but it will be handled by Bob and co-publisher Jim Lee.On Wednesday, the Democratic Town Committee met for its bi-annual organizational meeting. As Mitch Fuchs stepped down as chair after eight strong years, Devon Pfeifer moved up to chair so I was elected Vice Chair. What does this mean? Well, rather than just being a District Leader, I will be a lot more involved in Democratic issues in town and that will force me to think politically, which is going to be new for me. It also will allow me to help recruit and train candidates for town and state elections which will be interesting.Speaking of which, I’ve also been helping my state rep, Tom Drew, gear up for his re-election campaign and the formal announcement comes tomorrow morning. He’s a good guy who has done a lot after two terms and still has a list of things to accomplish. Best, he’s not in lockstep with the legislature’s clueless tone deaf Democratic leadership, instead he’s taking point on a moderate (saner) caucus that will try to actually get things done.Finally, some columns I’ve written for a website have gotten good marks from my editor so I’m very encouraged. The site is scheduled to launch March 31 so we’ll talk about it more in a few weeks.

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