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Yesterday proved to be a packed day that left me falling asleep in front of the TV by 8:30 p.m.After prepping in the morning for the later afternoon, I got myself ready for the Democratic Town Committee’s Century Club Brunch. This is the Fairfield DTC’s annual fundraiser where we use the opportunity to honor two of our members. One receives the Eunice Postol Award fro public service while the other receives the Denise Dougiello Young Turk Award.Rather than a local country club, we held the event at the relatively new Fairfield Café which was a good choice given the size of the room and quality of the food. Some 100 people milled about, hobnobbing, pressing the flesh, eating, drinking and having a swell time. Since this was a captive crowd, many of the major candidates for public office made a point of stopping by and filling our agenda.I have to tip my hat to candidates to state office, driving across the state for months on end, attending DTC meetings and major events such as this one. One candidate, Gerry Garcia, told me the event was the second of four on his calendar for Sunday alone. People are putting over 10,000 miles on their car during the season without ever leaving the state.Being the largest DTC in the state, and one of the most active, we have traditionally been graced with the presence of our Attorney General, Dick Blumenthal; Secretary of the State, Susan Bysiewicz; and state comptroller Nancy Wyman. They were here once more given their personal connection to Postol honoree Mitch Fuchs, who stepped down as DTC chair after an unprecedented eight years.With Mike Tetreau emceeing, things moved smoothly and various gifts and citations were presented mixed in with the candidates speaking about the honorees and promoting their candidacies. Many took the time to also acknowledge the sad passing of Selectman Ralph Bowley, who had died Saturday night after a nine month battle with cancer. A staunch Republican, Ralph was noted as a true Fairfielder who was liked by all.Cristin McCarthy-Vahey received the Young Turk Award and gave an emotional speech that neatly worked in the example of the Wright Brothers as a model for us to follow. I was then up, speaking about the Postol Award and honoring Mitch as this year’s recipient. His speech was a good one and before we knew it, the event was over. A good job from the organizing committee and a fine time was had by all.I was out the door around 2:45 and had gone home, changed clothes, chatted with Deb and was dialed into a conference number by 3. I switched from politician to fantasy baseball owner. As circumstances dictated, this year’s Auction involved four of us by phone with everyone else gathered around a living room.At the last minute, one owner dropped out so several coveted players was suddenly available, swelling the ranks of players to be bid on. There was plenty of money to spend which meant players would go for inflated prices. Complicating my prep was the inability to find a complete listing of the Opening Day National League rosters complete with disabled players (who were eligible). As a result, I thought there were players available who were on other teams and as a result, my budget and strategy fell apart in the later rounds.By 6:30, Deb kindly brought me a plate of dinner as I stayed glued to my two screens filled with data. In honor of the event, she made hot dogs. By 7, my roster was filled, and as happens all too often, I had money leftover. I need to dust to settle and see how my new team is performing before I decide how well or how badly I did. I know I didn’t get the speed my brother insisted I get, but I think I got some stud hitters and solid starting pitching. Cross your fingers!

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