A Little Begging for Support

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OK, I’m not ashamed to admit it; I’m going to do a little begging.Since Aaron Rosenberg, Steve Savile, and I launched ReDeus over at Kickstarter, we’ve been delving deeper into our world building and our three series. Every time we get into the creative elements, the trio gets very excited.Then we look at the Kickstarter page and realize that after a month, we’ve managed just 10% of our goal, largely achieved through one kick-ass patron of our art.We’re looking to raise $15,000 which would enable us to build a website, start writing while building a subscription base, produce some merchandise and make certain Kickstarter gets their cut of the action.While $15k is a significant number, the beauty of Kickstarter is that you can contribute as little as $1. We’re not looking for a handful of big contributors but a small army of modest supporters, people who would like to read our stories.According to The New York Times, 46% of projects achieve their goal and the average contribution is just $25. Since it launched a year ago, the company has grown by leaps and bounds. Just this week, Newsarama profiled comic book creators who have benefited from the site.So, on behalf of Aaron and Steve, this is me begging for some support. We have two more months to raise the money we feel we need to properly get off the ground. Go ahead, click on the image to the right. A reminder, if we don’t raise the $15,000, no one pays a nickel.My humblest and deepest thanks.

6 thoughts on “A Little Begging for Support

  1. Perhaps extend the date through Shore Leave? I think if you market it there you would have no problems making the goal…

    1. That’s not how Kickstarter works, Jeff. We have 90 days from the start and that’s it. Besides, I’ll be lobbying for American Red Cross donation cash for the Friday night roast.

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