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I’m overdue writing here, but it’s been busy.I returned from a week in Florida to concentrate entirely on completing the manuscript to Star Trek: The Complete Unofficial History. In December, it became clear I was threatening to run amok with the word count and my editor kindly ratcheted me back into place. It did mean, though, that much had to be trimmed before I could complete a draft. Paul Simpson and Howard Weinstein stepped up and each took a decade and helped me whittle. I was sorry to see stories go and other material truncated but there’s a tremendous amount of history to cover.Contractually, it was due January 9 but my editor recognized that between the holidays and word cutting, I needed time and said I had all week. As it was, Deb was out of town on business for a stretch allowing me to focus on little else but the book. This allowed me to complete a manuscript that was still over the contracted word count but now at a manageable level. Once my final sidebar was delivered, I gave the manuscript a once over and submitted it on Thursday which meant, I was more or less on time.My attention now turns to graphics. I have a bunch of stuff in my personal collection that needs to be scanned and submitted for consideration. Other fans from around the world have begun sending in stuff, too. If you have Trek-related pictures form conventions, events, museum shows, etc., let me know. We can send you a release form and you can send in 600 dpi images for the designer to consider using.Beyond that, I am now also turning my attention to student teaching, which begins one week from today. Yesterday, I watched Patrick Stewart’s version of Macbeth and followed along with the text. Today I will begin reviewing my teacher’s notes and materials so I can begin thinking about how I want to teach the Bard. Maybe it’s a good thing I’m starting with his shortest tragedy.I’ve got a few small odds and ends to deal with such as cleaning up desk and office related things. There’s a wee bit of writing to do but doubt I will have all that much time to build up a head of steam on anything new.I intend to read plenty, catching up on books and magazines while I can. After all, I’ve been warned how all-consuming the teaching can be and after my December taste of it, I see what they mean.

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