The Ugly Little Bloke is now On Sale

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I have been totally remiss in discussing my lengthy work with peers in creating a brand new universe. No, not the After Earth movie, but something brand new.As many of you know, I am a member of the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers, it says so right on the right side of the page. We have a mailing list and one of the frequent laments is that there is nowhere near enough work to around. In late 2008, someone suggested maybe we should just create our own universe and have that play in. So was born the HiveMind with our pal Steven Savile playing ring leader.He offered us his notion for something called Latchkeys and invited us to come play in his sandbox which rapidly became our sandbox. We got very excited when it looked like we had a deal for these to be mobile stories for cellphones or the deal that would have these as original audiobooks. As Steve pursued the deals, the rest of us created characters, settings, and began tossing in our story ideas.When it looked like we really had someone buying our wares, we finalized the bible, approved a handful of stories and organized a batting order of authors starting with Steve, naturally, and then he decided I should go second.After many disappointments and delays, it began to look like the deals were never going to happen but in the meantime, fellow HiveMind member Aaron Rosenberg and I became part of Crazy8Press and that became a natural new home for Latchkeys so we could write and sell our stories directly to readers. While C8 was organizing itself, I spent part of last summer finally able to write my installment.The series launched in January and our goal is to release a new story every six weeks and today, as it happens, is when the second book goes on sale for Nook and Kindle readers. I am proud of my contributions, which I discussed in more detail over at Crazy8Press.Each chapter will cost you all of $.99 so it’s a cheap investment in entertainment but if you remain unconvinced, we even have a free preview of my story for you to sample.I’d love for all my readers to buy the story and more importantly, if you like it, tell your friends. 


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  1. I just got this. I was trying buy all Crazy 8 e-books but I notice A Matter of Faith is unavailable on Amazon. Was this available only for a limited time?

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