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Yes, once more I will be a guest at I-Con this coming weekend. Unfortunately, the calendar being what it is, I need to limited my time at the show to one day, Saturday. On Sunday, I am scheduled to emcee the Democratic Town Committee’s Century Club Brunch and don’t want to miss out on the social event of the year.I-Con is always a hit or miss show given the people running the various tracks occasionally changing. Jennifer Adams has been ably anchoring the Authors Track but the Comics Track seems to change hands annually. And this year, they opted to drop the Film Track since they had no one to run it but that meant forgetting to schedule the ever-popular Trailer Park so alas, that will not happen this year.But, this is my Saturday schedule:Noon-1:00 p.m, Stump The ExpertsComics Veterans Glenn Hauman, Mike DeCarlo, and I will take trivia questions from the audience. Can you stump the panel?1:00pm until 2:00pm , Build Your Own Super-HeroIn this special interactive program, you can sit down with professional comics creators james Emmett, Mike DeCarlo, and yours truly, to develop ideas for your own super-hero character. This is your chance to get the help of writers and editors with decades of experience.3:00pm until 4:00pm, DC’s New 52: Did It Succeed?DC’s latest relaunch involved every single character and book being started from scratch. Did this bold move save the company, harm it, or not make much of a difference? Discussing this will be Mike DeCarlo, Rebecca Rozakis, Tom Chu, and me (at least one of us actually did work on the line, the rest of us read it).4:00pm until 5:00pm, Military SFWhy are we so fascinated by fiction about wars and soldiers? War stories have been popular at least since Homer. Today’s authors of military SF, GOH David Weber, Charles E. Gannon, Roland Allnach, and I, discuss this, and how to make war stories more than just tales of violence.(So, what am I doing on this panel having not written military SF in over 20 years? Apparently my military non-fiction essays qualifies me. Go figure.)5:00pm until 6:00pm, Educating with media: comics, gaming, and everything else in educationEducators, creators and parents — Anthony T. Sovak, Bob Greenberger, Frank Cerillo, Gary Halada, Gary Shaw, Margery Brown, and Scot Schoenig — discuss ways to use comics, games, and other pop media to promote literacy and make education involving and relevant to students.7:00-9:00pm, I-Con BanquetI only go to this occasionally, but have been informed to prepare remarks because I will be getting an award. For that, I will most certainly be there. Wonder what I should say?


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