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I’ve been lamenting my educational career woes and haven’t really spoken much about the freelance life and there’s a reason for that: there’s precious little to talk about.For a month now, I’ve had some pitches sitting with the licensee and await confirmation to go forward and tackle what I expect to be my writing work for June and July. In the meantime, I have been touching base with a number of previous clients and contacts, beating the proverbial bushes seeking opportunities to pitch or fresh assignments. Unfortunately, the silence has been loud and clear.What’s unfortunate is that some people have asked me to keep in regular contact, which I endeavor to but then don’t get e-mails or phone calls returned so there’s a certainly level of insincerity on their part, which I find disheartening.Thankfully, I have been subbing pretty regularly since student teacher ended with a thud. Not only does it fill the time, but I gain more classroom experience in a variety of venues, in addition to bringing in some income. On the other hand, I get home anywhere between 2-4 once I finish teaching, drive, and do the occasional errand. That doesn’t leave a lot of time to do significant writing before dinner so I need to adjust my expectations. Then again, this situation has just a few weeks to go then I have every day to myself and need to regain the discipline to head to my desk and write.What have I been doing in the meantime? Anyone checking out ComicMix with regularity or the sidebar of links to the right, you will see I have been actively reviewing books and DVDs to keep those critical skills sharps. It’s been a rewarding mix of materials to experience and write about.I did some consulting work with Avalanche Comics Entertainment since the Michael Midas Champion miniseries, which I did work on back in 2008-2009, is finally seeing the light of day in July.I have been doing a bunch of behind-the-scenes work for Crazy 8 Press and the Latchkeys books in addition to some percolating self-published projects. There are also two articles for forthcoming issues of Back Issue! so I haven’t exactly been idle.Speaking of Latchkeys, we now have three installments for sale and while many of my regular readers may feel too old for the material, I ask that you consider passing the links on to teens or parents of teens you know and see if they’d like to sample something new and incredibly inexpensive.We have recently been listed at Bargain Ebooks and Manic Readers so we’re trying to spread the word and could use a wee bit of help. Additionally, we’ve finally begun building our own website for the HiveMind collective of writers . If nothing else, we’re dying for feedback since we’re proud of the work and think it’s good but could use reader opinion to confirm that assessments.


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