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This is incredibly exciting and I am thrilled to be finally able to talk about this stuff. As Nikki Finke and Deadline broke the news on Friday, Random House will be doing a series of tie-in projects with After Earth, the film that Peter David, Mike Friedman, and I have been working on.This morning, at our 10 a.m. panel, the three of us will be a part of the After Earth presentation, which is all about the world building aspect of the story. Fans in attendance will be receiving a Comic-Con exclusive edition of the prequel comic, which Mike and I wrote and was illustrated by Spanish artist Beni Lobel. The rest of you should look for it in the Dynamite section of the next issue of Previews so you can order it. The book will actually be out in October.In the spring of 2013, Random House will begin releasing Ghost Stories, a series of six digital short stories, two each by me, Mike, and Peter. Following will be a Prequel Novel, which will be the first prose collaboration from the trio since Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Wrath of the Prophets. In other words, it’s overdue.The movie, opening June 7, will be novelized by Peter all by his lonesome.It’s been an exciting day as the news spread across the Internet and we spent part of Friday night preparing for the panel. Check back here for panel commentary.


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