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One of the things about digital publishing is that sometimes you hit glitches that can baffle even the finest of mind. Last October, my short story, “A Matter of Faith”, was posted as a $.99 digital short at Nook and Kindle. It sat there like so many other books. But then in January, Nook pushed it in one of their weekly newsletters and sure enough, there was a smattering of sales. I clicked over to check the Kindle sales and saw that the book’s price vanished.I contacted the Kindle people and they explored the problem, assured me they found the error and fixed it. Nope, still showing up without a price. Finally, this Spring, Amazon told webmaster Glenn Hauman that it was a digital rights management issue requiring a fresh file. There was no DRM involved but he shrugged and reposted the file. Same problem. Finally, it was fixed on Thursday and the story is finally available for those reading via Kindle.Meantime, as you may recall, I’m involved in several digital initiatives not only through Crazy 8 Press, but as a member of the HiveMind. Since January, we have been releasing installments in our Young Adult Latchkeys series, which has also languished a bit. The lesson here is that the audience we’re aiming at doesn’t necessarily have Kindles or Kindle apps or permission to buy the books, meaning we need their parents to be aware of the series and think well enough of the premise to buy it for their family. We’re up to book five (all available at C8) and book six will be out in September. Our goal will be to collect the first six as a print book for the rest of the world which should be available this fall, in plenty of time for Christmas.

An ancient, magical house.

Doors that lead to anywhere.

A group of kids charged to protect them.

But from what? An exciting new children’s series that takes you everywhere — and everywhen.

If you like YA fantasy, I urge you to give it a try. And then tell me what you think.

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