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RedemptionMy second personal contribution to the six eBook series of After Earth: Ghost Stories goes live today. Redemption tells a fresh tale about one of the six people who developed the ability to mask their presence from the alien predators called the Ursa. The ghosts are a significant element in the After Earth universe and these stories allow us to provide glimpses into what this world is all about before the feature film opens in June.The official description tells us:Anderson Kincaid was only seven when one of the monstrous killing machines known as the Ursa tore off his arm. It would have killed him, too, had a Ranger not sacrificed her own life to save his. Ever since, Anderson has wanted to be a Ranger. After years of relentless training with an artificial limb, his hopes are crushed the day Cypher Raige himself comes knocking—to explain the Corps’ strict rule against accepting applicants with prosthetics. His dream denied, Anderson joins the Civilian Defense Corps, only to find himself once again face-to-face with an Ursa. No savior in sight, he must rely on himself—and a power he never knew he had—to survive.A Perfect BeastThe book is available in a wide variety of formats via the Random House website so go take a look. My first effort, Peace, went on sale New Year’s Day and so far I have received a single piece of feedback, which was thankfully positive. I hope more of you try this one and let me know what you think.Continuing the biweekly cycle will be two from Mike Friedman and well worth your attention as well.For those who prefer to read their adventures in print, please note that the first three eBooks, two from Peter David and Peace, will be found in the prequel novel A Perfect Beast, by Peter, Mike, and yours truly, while the other three will be included in the After Earth movie novelization by Peter.Meantime, the United Ranger Corps Survival Manual, which I wrote for Insight Editions, is off to press and is chockfull of information about the universe that will make it an excellent companion volume.


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