Farpoint Day 3

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2013-02-17 Bob & Bob JeschonekSunday at a con is always a mix. People are dragging from partying all night long while also packing and checking out, some earlier than others. As a result, con programming eases people into the day, with me and Howie chatting for an hour. He read from his western-in-progress and I talked about this and that.I immediately moved on to sharing a table with Aaron Rosenberg and Robert T. Jeschonek, talking the business of writing. There we talked taxes, estates, marketing, and so on.Crazy 8 Press had its usual con business meeting and then Mike, Peter and I talked After Earth for an hour. We had a small but interested group of fans talking about the June 7 film and its related tie-ins. Then, I joined new author Kate Mason, Richard White, Lance Woods, and Dave Mack to talk about the music we use when we write. What was fun was that after knowing Lance for over thirty years, this was the first panel we did together. He published his first book last year, Heroic Park, and joins the pantheon of hacks.Danielle Bonardi made four versions of the Mark IV costume before entering the masquerade as a first-timer. she walked off with four awards.The final two hours of the show allowed me to finally relax at the C8 table.  Aaron and Kathleen helped me brainstorm a story problem, which was a relief, and I sold a book so it was a good use of time. Then suddenly, the 20th anniversary con came to a successful close.I missed John Billingsley and Bonita Fredericy’s two talks, catching just bits and pieces, but they were the talk of the con. Apparently they are quite the comedic duo, making the talks and even their auctions highly entertaining. Deb, who rarely attends the panels, texted that I was missing something wonderful.One theme that recurred among the media guests was that a smaller show like this was tremendous fun because it allowed better interactions with the fans and a chance to do fun stuff like the audio performance. They certainly are well treated and already several are talking about coming back in the future, a good sign for any show.The committee continues to evolve as several longtimers are stepping aside, making room for the younger members to take on new responsibilities and help it thrive.I had a great time and already look forward to coming back.


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