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The whirlwind beginning of the year is slowing down, at last, and new routines are being established. Looking back, it’s astonishing we listed, sold, bought, packed, moved, unpacked and are settling in just four months. We’re far from done but it’s starting to feel like home.As you might imagine, my focus and ability to concentrate was shot. I could work in short bursts so things like my semi-monthly Westfield Comics columns were easy to do. I could continue to consult on the After Earth material and even proofread some of the prose works.But when it came time to actually write a new story for ReDeus: Beyond Borders, I worked in fits and starts so the February deadline came and went. I struggled with parts of the plot which Aaron Rosenberg and Kathleen David helped me with at Farpoint but I was still unhappy with the work or its progress.Thinking of anything beyond this story was impossible even though I have a hankering to get back to long form fiction. In April, I managed a draft and sent it, with trepidations, to Aaron. Who promptly read it and explained in detail why it didn’t work. He then suggested the solution which had been eluded my foggy creative mind. A few days later, it finally came together and can be read later this month.Meantime, the new routines are being established which means walking the dogs four times a day. That’s time away from the desk, but time to think. On one such walk the plot for the next ReDeus story came together which has me excited. I am at work on it as you read this and that feels good.This break from long stretches at the desk and creative writing may be refreshing or let the creative muscles atrophy, requiring regular exercise to get back into the groove. I have things I want to write for me and Crazy 8 Press and still talk to publishers about other projects so I remain optimistic about the remainder of the year.


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  1. Great news Bob. Am glad your creative juices and writing focus have returned. I was wondering though, did you settle into Columbia or surrounding area. I had lived in Columbia for 27 years and loved it, but since 2004, I have moved around for jobs…… I’m now in Frederick, but planning a year-end move to the District.(sigh…..) Wishing you and your wife a good life in Howard County. I hope you grow to love it as me and my family did for all of those years.Joy

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