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As I am finally getting a handle on my school work, my mind has increasingly begun to turn towards writing. I find I miss it and that those muscles cry for exercise. My heart leaps at the prospect of assignments or just getting back to the keyboard for something other email and lesson planning.My mind, though, and my wife in her role as Greek chorus, point out I should not be looking for anything huge or overly involved with a tight deadline forcing me to make carefully balanced choices. I suppose the simplest solution would merely be to write for myself and Crazy 8 Press without pressure of a deadline, but I also recognize that without a deadline, I tend to meander.Right now, I have two outstanding assignments on my desk: an essay for a soon-to-be-announced collection from the fine folk at Sequart and an article for Back Issue! Both are nearly done and just need me to sit down and edit them into shape.There remain my reviews for ComicMix, which certainly keeps my critical skills well worked and my twice-monthly columns at Westfield Comics, which indulges my inner comic book geek.Beyond that, though, I have a few pitches out that I hope at least one will be approved for writing during the summer break. I’ve also received two interesting offers, one for a short story if I have something to say and can say it by the reasonably tight deadline. The other is longer and creatively challenging, but comes with a tight deadline given the scope of the project. And here I am at inner war, trying to rationalize that I can do it but critically looking at the time and determining if there really is enough time to do it well.Perhaps the best part of this is that I see where I can do some projects to supplement my school work and make me feel whole. That’s a good thing.


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