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I miss writing.Sure, I still review at ComicMix and twice a month recommend interesting releases at Westfield Comics, but long-form creative writing is proving incredibly elusive. Of course there’s a good reason for that: school. It is taking up far more time than I expected it to, leaving me more enervated than I thought was possible from a day job.Since the school year began, I have managed a 7000 word original short story for an anthology (still awaiting word from the editor). I have also outlined a novel in collaboration with Steven Savile. The publisher initially asked me to write the project and as I began researching and writing up the outline, it was proving difficult. When I happened to mention it to Steve, he got excited and a little jealous so it was a short leap to go from there to inviting him to collaborate with me. He did some excellent research and turned my half-baked ideas into a solid pitch. We sent it to the editor and waited. Three weeks went by and finally the editor wrote back to say they liked the pitch but were going with their initial choice of writer. Our contracts had yet to be countersigned so there was no kill fee, just a piss-poor apology.In a nice turn of events, three publishers have also reached out with possible projects. In one case, a media tie-in novel, I wrote a two paragraph pitch and await word. Publisher two is sending me the details for their media tie-in so I sit eagerly awaiting it. Publisher three outlined the project and asked me to pitch why I was the right guy for the job (with others doing the same). There, my name is now being considered by the property holder.Then there’s Crazy 8 Press. There’s a C8 anthology in the works and Aaron Rosenberg, Paul Kupperberg and I have more ReDeus to write, schedules pending. And Aaron and I still have a partially completed fantasy we need to revisit and finish.The key accepting any work now appears to be entirely driven by deadlines. After all, I don’t have an extended break from January 2 until mid-April and then can think about writing again in mid-June.Until then, I have two pieces for Back Issue! to complete and have to become realistic about what I can reasonably do during the school year. This, like so much about being in the classroom, is a real learning process.


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  1. I totally hear you about not being able to exercise the writing muscles. I’m going through a spell myself where most of my time is spent looking for work and trying to keep body and soul together, which leaves little time (and not much mental energy) for creativity, and there are moments and snatches here and there when I have enough of a breather to think about writing something, but not enough time and energy to devote to actually starting anything. And the beat goes on….

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