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ACDC_Greenberger_PostAwesome Con is Washington D.C.’s rapidly growing comics and media convention. I read about it soon after we got down here so I couldn’t make it to last year’s show. I reached out some months back and was not only invited to be a guest but was offered a table in Artists Alley. That’s a first for me but with Crazy 8 Press titles to hawk, I figured it was too good a chance to turn down. However, being Easter weekend, I will only be there for Friday and Saturday. Sunday is for family.By sheer coincidence, the show’s programming is being handled by Emily Whitten, my fellow ComicMix compatriot, so once I was accepted as a guest and offered a table; I was besieging her with programming ideas.Two of them have made the cut and on Saturday, you can find me chatting about writing comics along with Andrew Aydin, Jeremy Whitley, Mike Raicht, Joe Harris, Rob Balder, and Victor Dandridge. Mike and I worked together at Marvel so it will be fun catching up with him. That’ll be at Noon in room 209B.Normally, George Perez dislikes leaving his table for programming. His attitude is that he is there to see fans and provide them with sketches. But, when he heard I had suggested a career retrospective conversation, Crisis on Infinite Perezes, he agreed to make an exception. So, at 3:15, in their big room 201, the two of us will chat about all the heroes he’s drawn for all the companies he’s worked at and get him looking ahead to his debut at BOOM! I’m really looking forward to this since I’ve known George going back to my Comics Scene days.The rest of the con will find me holding down a table in Artists Alley, specifically located at K6. I’ll be joined by fellow writer and digital publisher Steve Wilson so we’ll have our various offerings on hand. Do come by, say hello, buy a book or two and have a great time.


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