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back-to-school-countdown-feature-leadIt snuck up on me. As I was preparing for Shore Leave last week, I checked my calendar and was reminded with startling clarity that school is around the corner. I had forgotten that this week’s professional development was two full days which meant last week was the final five day week of being home. This week I was in twice and will be back twice this coming week before reporting fulltime on the 18th.Once a secret project got stalled just before we went away on vacation, I was feeling a little adrift creatively and so found my mind increasingly thinking about school, classes, curriculum, etc. I wound up finalizing the Creative Writing syllabus, doing some learning with InDesign (for said class), and reviewing the 10th grade lessons. The sessions this week were all about getting things off to a good start this year so I have no new tools and tricks to try.The biggest challenge for this year will be setting the rules and consistently holding the students accountable. Following that will be adapting the lessons to be engaging across the 85-minute block. Yesterday I spent some time sketching out how to integrate intro, ice breakers, rules, and learning into my first classes and think I have a framework in place.Each day now, I think about school, I think about writing work, and try to store up the relaxation. The secret project came back to life (in slightly altered form) this week so that’s vying for attention in these final days.I have some lunches with friends this week mixed in with a department meeting and one more round of professional development. I’ve also been to the stores stocking up on discounted goods I need for the classroom. So yes, it’s really beginning to look like Back to School is a reality.

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