Our Pangaea Kickstarter Campaign is Underway

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Pangaea Cover V2 (Large)One of the most interesting books I’ve read was Medea: Harlan’s World where Harlan Ellison, Jack Williamson, Larry Niven, Frederik Pohl, Thomas Disch, Frank Herbert, Poul Anderson, Theodore Sturgeon, Hal Clement, and Robert Silverberg created their own world. This grew out of a seminar Harlan and company conducted back in the 1970s with the lovely title 10 Tuesdays Down a Rabbit Hole.They figured out the astronomical location of this world, followed by the planet’s geology, meteorology, oceanography, geography, biology, and ecology, followed by nomenclature, theology, politics, and mathematics. And then they rested. On the eighth day each wrote stories set on their new playground and the book was fascinating.But they didn’t have to go to such trouble when we had a perfectly good new world to play with here. Many of you know the belief that Earth was once made up of a single continent before splitting into the existing seven continents. It even has a name—Pangaea. Only recently did I learn from Mike Friedman that the super-continent existed four times over the last 4.5 billion years. He learned this while exploring an idea that rattled around his head for some time.Last summer, in the wake of our successful anniversary release of Tales of the Crimson Keep, the gang comprising Crazy 8 Press said we wanted to do something similar for 2015. Mike then said, “Well, I have this idea…” He spent the fall researching and postulating, with Paul Kupperberg kibitzing here and there. We heard the results and were delighted that we didn’t have to leave the solar system to play around with something new.In fact, the idea grew so big that we decided we wanted to invite our friends into the sandbox to see what they could contribute. By then, we knew we were on to something and decided we wanted to do this right but in order to do that, it was decided to make this our first Kickstarter campaign.Pangaea launched today and as you can see over there, Mike got commitments from Michael A. Burstein, Adam-Troy Castro, Lawrence M. Schoen, Geoffrey Thorne, Kelly Meding, and the team of Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore. Many others loved the idea but couldn’t fit it into their schedules so maybe next time.We have 30 days to make this a reality and I sincerely hope you consider chipping in. Trust me, the results will be worth it.

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