Why Sherlock Holmes has Been Delayed

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SH_Murder at Sorrows Crown_cvrThose who pre-ordered Sherlock Holmes: Murder at Sorrow’s Crown may have received a notice indicating the December 1 publication date has been changed to September 13, 2016.Over at Facebook, my collaborator and friend Steven Savile tried to take all the blame but I refuse to accept that. It was a unique set of circumstances from all sides that made this the best choice.On our end, Steven has had personal tragedies that has thrown him off his rock steady pace and only in recent months has he begun to feel more like the author he wants to be. For me, I tried to successfully fit in my writing during the 2014 summer break and returned to the final polish during the winter break.We delivered the manuscript early this year and our editor notified us she’d be editing it around May. However, someone left Titan and she was dragooned into cover the workload, which affected her own assignments. When she finally had the time to edit it, she realized it needed a wee bit more work than anticipated.One of her concerns was that Holmes readers may be the pickiest and prickliest collectives in fandom so the voice had to be spot on and the story reeked of Holmes. Anything less would bring out the complaints.sherlock_holmes_02By the time the manuscript was returned to us, we had a mere nine days to turn around a rewrite in order to maintain the original publication date. Steven and our editor are already working on another project so they had a long series of emails back and forth where we explored the issues and then the options. As Steven wrote, “When the edits arrived a couple of weeks ago we sat down and decided we really wanted to do this properly and Titan agreed to delay the release so I could finish Parallel Lines before tackling the edits …They have gone above and beyond in giving me space and time. Alas it means Holmes suffers slightly, in terms of being released ten months behind schedule but it will be so much better for it and so will I.”Given my teaching and my graduate coursework, I’ve had to do my own juggling. Thankfully, September has three four day school weeks so I have some flexibility to take a whack at the rewrite. We’ve lost 10-12,000 words and I’ve managed to rewrite about 1100 words and spotted all the areas where plotting could be tightened.You the reader may be awaiting nine months longer, but Titan, Steven, and I feel you will receive a superior work as a result. Thanks for your support and patience.

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