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General UrkoGiven the new school year, my graduate course work, and having to find time to fit in the revision to Sherlock Holmes, I have not been very focused on my writing. I do admit to missing it and keep looking forward to finding that all-too-rare time.I wasn’t entirely sure what was going to come next given so many variables being up in the air but with a contract in hand, I can now discuss the next project.Regular readers may recall I mentioned over the summer that I had written an essay about Pierre Boulle for Sequart’s forthcoming collection of Planet of the Apes essays. Apparently, that wasn’t enough and I have been invited to contribute a short story to a new anthology of tales spread across the POTA television and film canon.When I was invited by editors Jim Beard and Rich Handley to pitch, I came up with three without much hesitation (always a good sign of my real interest in a project). I wrote up one paragraph synopses and sent them off and found that we were all pretty much in sync regarding the choice.Titan Books, which will be releasing the collection, approved the concept so I wrote up a longer outline, going back and rereading television scripts, including unproduced material. Then the outline garnered a few questions from the powers that be, which were dutifully answered and the story concept has received the green light.What is it? It is way too early to tell. Truth to tell, I can’t even write word one until the Holmes revision is turned in. This means I am likely to go ape at the dawn of 2016 with a February deadline. I can give you a clue. One of my favorite characters on the TV series was portrayed by Mark Lenard, best known these days for his multiple roles on Star Trek. You don’t see him under the makeup but his presence is keenly felt and I hope to do him honor here.The book is scheduled for the first half of 2017, timed to the release of the third installment of the current series. So, the announcement should alert you to this, but now you have to wait patiently as I and my fellow simians get to work. And yes, I am writing with a fun bunch of people; keep your eyes peeled for the full lineup.

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